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I'm excited to get you started on your FREE 10 day weight loss and body reshaping program. If you're skipping the video, just check out the info below for details on how to get this incredible FREE (no strings attached) program. Keep scrolling to find:
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"I lost 7 pounds in 10 days and didn't even exercise, because of a previous injury. It's a great program."

Toronto, ON

“I know my story isn't typical, but I lost 36 pounds in 10 days. I had gone through chemo a couple years earlier and had let myself go after the recovery. I had no idea I was still holding so many toxins.”

Edmonton, AB


About Us

The Team - The Camera Ready Body program is one that is kept in motion by a series of coaches, experts and support staff, both behind the scenes and by engaging with people who get on the program. The deeper people go into the program and their own journey of transformation, the more the team gets involved with introducing transformational support.
Sebastian MacLean - Prior to his involvement in the world of TV and film, Sebastian was a nationally competitive physique champion, placing as high as 2nd in the country at one point. As he got more involved in the film world, Sebastian began realizing that he needed to adapt for different roles that sometimes needed a smaller frame or muscle that was toned in different ways. After realizing the benefits for himself, Sebastian recognized that many others could benefit from these methods as well.
Camera Ready Body - Camera Ready Body is a program that grew from this need to quickly get ready and in shape for the demands of the camera. Using some of the select secrets of Sebastian's competitive experience, solutions for weight loss were isolated that worked even when a person was away from the gym for long periods of time. 
However, Camera Ready Body isn't just for getting ready for TV and film. It can also apply to getting ready for any camera worthy event, from vacations to weddings to family photos and other modeling moments.
These were simple weight loss methods, used to rapidly tighten up and get lean by monitoring water intake, combined with a few other techniques. This strategy would work incredibly to quickly tone people up, particularly if a person was untrained or took long breaks from the gym.

This inspired the Camera Ready Body experience, a 12 week program for getting people who have been out of touch with exercise for a while or have never been doing it in the first place, to see great results.  

The full 12 week program is a $2000 value. However, everyone can discover how powerful the program is, because the first phase of the program is yours for free.
This first phase (a $500 value) lasts roughly 10 days (plus prep time) and is mainly focused on how water is used to radically drop weight, along with a few small tips to boost results. That will roll into the rest of the 12 week program or (for those who don't go further) should be continued independently for another 11 days. The extra time gives you a full 21 day effect. (Note: 21 Days has been studied as the amount of time it takes to effectively ingrain a habit.) 
Once the first phase is over, 10 spots will be made available for the remaining 10 and a half weeks, as we dig into even more effective transformation techniques. This 10 person limit ensures the remaining part of the program provides greater focus on  individualized adjustments. 
As you can see, the first phase of the program is being given to you with no strings attached. The paid portion of this program will eventually be running at $1500 for the full 3 months. However, since you are part of my early audience, I will be providing the full program to 10 people for a reduced price, but we can talk about that later
For now, let's talk about what is going to happen for FREE...

The FREE 10 Day Phase ...

First things first... Whether you continue into the full 12 weeks or not, everyone can see how much they can do with the free phase of the program in the the 12 days ahead. We'll see if you're ready to join the final group of 10 as we move forward.
This program works for you, if you can say "yes" to these questions:
  • Do I drink less than 4 cups of water each day?
  • Have I avoided exercising either all togetther or for some time? (Exercise is obviously a good thing, but people who haven't started yet or have been on a long hiatus are the prime audience. Also, exercise isn't vital for phase 1, since the water loss may be even greater if your muscles aren't holding fluid from exercise. I encourage people to get on a good exercise routine, after the initial water balancing has happened.)
  • Am I willing to adjust fluid consumption habits for 10 days, drinking a prescribed amount of water every day? (You don't have to be perfect with it, but doing your best will mean cutting out other beverages and trying to drink larger amounts of water.)
  • Am I willing to eat a lower sugar and lower salt diet for a short period? Salt and sugar tend to make water balancing harder to do.
The more you answered "yes" to the above questions, the more you are likely to see a radical transformation in this free 10 day Camera Ready Body pr
What Is Next?
Once you've added your name and email to the form on this page, I will be sending you daily PDF instructions by email and will also invite you to join the Camera Ready Body private Facebook group. 
The daily emails, with your PDF instructions will give you a small instruction to apply and add to each day.
The group will be where you can go to share images, ask community questions and see posted video that I will share as well. 
That's it!... I can't wait to see your amazing results.

All the best,
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I look forward to making progress with you.
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